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 Croft Chestnuts
Two Pound sampler Wholesale Volume Orders

5-lbs Fresh Chestnuts

Chestnuts are graded relative to size.  The larger the individual nut, the fewer nuts in a pound.  Croft fresh chestnuts are approximately 1.0" to 1.25" in diameter, meaning that there will be from 45-55 units per pound.  

A 5-lb bulk container will provide approximately 200 nuts. 




A 5-lb package of fresh Croft chestnuts is priced at $26.25 for consumers, and at a lower price for entities that have valid resale authorization..

A 5-lb package of croft chestnuts, approximately 45-55ct per pound is priced at $26.25 plus shipping using USPS package service from Traverse City, MI to your location.  

Want to check your shipping cost?  It is always wise to confirm that prices have not changed, directly, with the Postal Service.  Or, click on this link to determine your Zone and estimate shipping charges by weight from there.



READY TO ORDER?  SORRY, WE ARE SOLD OUT for 2010.  Please check back with us in September 2011.

Click below to download the Wholesale Price List and Wholesale Order form.

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