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 Croft Chestnuts
Retail Wholesale Pricing

READY TO ORDER?  We expect to begin shipping 2014 fresh chestnuts by the third week in October 2014.    

Retail - Purchases for personal consumption.

Consumers may purchase croft fresh chestnuts direct from Croft online.  Retail packs are available in 5-lb; 10-lb and 25-lb sizes.

Croft Organic Standard Fresh chestnuts We have a limited supply of chestnuts from our Long Lake orchard that have not been exposed to pesticides, fungicides or chemicals.  So if you're willing to pay just a little more to know that your food is "au natural"  please click the button below

Croft "Standard"  Fresh chestnuts range in size from approximately 1.0" to 1.25" in diameter, meaning that there will be approximately 45-55 nuts per pound.  Standard fresh chestnuts are priced at $6.00 per pound. Be sure to select "Standard" when ordering.

Croft"Mini-sweet" Fresh chestnuts are smaller than the standard nut.  They are between .60 and 1.0" in diameter, and there are approximately 60-70 nuts per pound.  They may take a few more to make up a pound, but are a popular choice, and sell for only $4.25 per pound.  Be sure to select "Mini Sweets" when ordering. Please use the button below to order Standard and Minisweet chestnuts.


Want to check the approximate shipping cost?   It is always wise to confirm that prices have not changed, directly, with the Postal Service.  Or, click on this link to determine your Zone and estimate shipping charges by weight from there.


Need More product?  If you are interested in larger quantities, call us for retail volume pricing. (231) 633-1277

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